Corporate Shuttle Services in Cincinnati

Ease Your Employees’ Commute

One way to make your employees’ ride to and from work easier? A corporate shuttle service through Cincinnati Charter Bus Company! Not only is an employee shuttle a major perk to draw in top talent, but it can be a great way to show your existing employees you care about their wellbeing. Give us a call (513) 407-9062 for a free quote on your personalized shuttle rental, and keep reading to learn how our Cincinnati corporate shuttle rentals can do for your business.

A Safer Alternative to Public Transportation

We understand that while the country is social distancing, your team might not feel comfortable coming into the office just yet. But when working from home isn’t an option, it’s still important to keep your employees’ health and safety a priority. You can’t control how often public buses and rideshare vehicles are sanitized or whether everyone practices social distances on board—but you can with an employee shuttle rental.

We promise your bus will be thoroughly sanitized as needed, and we’ll work with you to enforce whatever safety measures you think are necessary. Set up a staggered seating arrangement to ensure everyone keeps their distance from each other, or even request your driver to check everyone’s temperatures before they board. That way, your employees can travel to work relatively safely and with peace of mind.

interior of a charter bus shuttle

Routes Tailored to Your Needs

Despite the city’s steady economic growth in recent years, Cincinnati has consistently been ranked as one of the worst U.S. cities when it comes to how easy it is to commute into the city via public transit. Not only are direct lines to major business centers scarce, but the connections that do exist are not efficient and require a lot of transfers. Thousands of Cincinnati employees spend more than an hour riding and transferring bus lines to get to offices that are just a few neighborhoods away from home.

When you book a charter bus or minibus as a commuter shuttle, you can create direct and timely routes to work, so employees are picked up near their homes and dropped off right at the office. Your rental will also operate on the schedule you tell it to—so whether your business operates 9-to-5 or your third-shift employees need a shuttle at midnight, Cincinnati Charter Bus Company will have a bus waiting for them whenever and wherever your employees need it.

Commute in Comfort

Besides having a reliable and efficient ride to and from work, another reason your employees will enjoy a corporate commuter shuttle is all the small comforts their ride can provide them. From free onboard WiFi for last-minute emails and presentation tweaks to plush reclining seats to sink into after a long day on the clock, your reservation rep can hook your team up with anything they might need on the road when you call to book.

Accessible Transit for All

Rather than leaving them to navigate public transit, rideshare services, and carpools on their own, set your employees with mobility concerns up with a private shuttle service that can accommodate their needs. We have plenty of ADA-compliant motorcoaches in our network with wider aisles, handrails, and wheelchair lifts, and reserving one will not cost you extra as long as you let us know you need it 48 hours before your first departure.

Reserve Employee Shuttle Transportation Today

Whenever you’re ready to simplify commuter transport for your Cincinnati office, get in touch with our reservation team at (513) 407-9062. We’re available around-the-clock to assist you with your rental and answer any questions you may have, and we’ll even offer you a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your employee shuttle needs!