Charter Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your Cincinnati Bus Rental Costs

How much does a bus rental in Cincinnati cost? Well, it depends. The cost of renting a charter bus anywhere isn’t a one size fits all answer. One of the easiest ways to figure out the cost of your bus is by calling the Cincinnati Charter Bus Company team at (513) 407-9062. Getting a quote is completely free and only takes a few minutes.

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We understand that you may want to get an idea of how pricing works, though. Before you call, review our helpful bus rental pricing guide to get an idea of our price breakdowns. Keep in mind, the bus rental costs are only examples and won’t determine the exact price of your Cincinnati bus rental.

Type of Bus Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
Charter Bus $130 – $185 $1,400 –$1,800 $4.50 – $5.75
Minibus $135 – $175 $1,350 – $1,650 $5.00 – $6.50

What determines the price of my bus?

There are a few factors that will be considered when you get your rental quote. These include but aren’t always limited to:

●      Time of year: Certain times of year are more expensive to travel than others. Bus rentals generally cost more during spring and summer due to high travel demand. You’ll also find that bus rentals are more expensive during major holidays. We’d highly recommend calling to book your bus as early as possible to get the best price. A good rule of thumb is to call at least three months in advance for off-season rentals and six months in advance for trips that will take place during the busy season.

●      Number of passengers: The number of people in your group will determine the type and number of buses you’ll need. Depending on the travel season, certain models of bus may be more in demand and more expensive.

●      Duration and distance of trip: Longer trips across further distances will always cost more than shorter trips. Relatively short local trips will be charged by the hour, and longer trips are usually charged by the day or mile. Cincinnati Charter Bus Company does have a five hour rental minimum for every trip.

●      Premium amenities: Amenities like TVs and reclining seats are often already available on many models of bus. If you need premium amenities like an upscale bus with leather seats, there may be an extra charge.

What’s included in my bus rental cost?

When you book your bus, it’s important to choose a provider with upfront quotes and no pesky, hidden fees. Cincinnati Charter Bus Company’s quotes are all-inclusive of your rental cost and driver’s pay. The quote you get is what you’ll pay for your bus.

Parking, road tolls, and an appreciated driver’s tip (usually around 5 to 10% of your rental cost) will not be included in your quote, as these fees are usually not pre-set. If you’ll be traveling overnight, you will also need to book your driver a hotel room.

Now that we’ve covered pricing factors and what your rental includes, let’s take a look at a few pricing examples:

A panel of people at a business conference

The Big Business Conference

Jesse’s company flew into Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport for an annual 3-day conference at the Duke Energy Convention Center. The company didn’t want to rely on rental cars for their team of 15 to get to and from the airport, hotels, and convention center. Instead, they called Cincinnati Charter Bus Company. They rented a comfortable 18-passenger minibus at a daily rate of $1,350 for 4 days. The bus rental quote was $5,400 plus a $300 tip for their driver. At the end of the conference, the business’s bus rental cost $5,700.

The Ohio Football Game

College football is a way of life for many, especially for fans of major teams like the Ohio State Buckeyes. Tom’s Cincinnati-based Buckeyes Alumni Organization planned a 40-person group trip to Columbus for a big homecoming game. The organization decided to rent a full-size charter bus in Cincinnati to travel to Columbus without the hassle of organizing a carpool. Between travel time, tailgating, the actual game, and the ride back, they were quoted $160 per hour for an 8-hour trip. The rental cost totaled $1,280 plus a $90 reserved parking fee and an $80 tip for their driver. Altogether, gameday transportation cost the organization $1,450 or around $36 per person.

Wedding table settings in a garden

The Garden Wedding

Andi and Blair planned a wedding at the beautiful Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park. This breathtaking venue is exactly what these nature lovers wanted! Unfortunately, Eden Park is often quite busy and finding parking for 110 guests isn’t easy. To make transportation simple, the couple wanted to provide a shuttle service to keep their attendees from having to stress about parking. Their rental rep recommended they book two full-sized charter buses that can accommodate up to 56 passengers each for their 5-hour service.

The couple’s bus rentals were quoted at an hourly rate of $150 per bus for a total of $1,500. Andi and Blair were grateful for their drivers’ punctuality and great customer service, tipping each driver $75. The total cost of their wedding transportation was $1,650.

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